Greetings Internet!

This is my blog. There are many like it but this, but this one is mine. You can read about me here.

I built this blog for a few reasons:

  1. To practice writing
  2. To document
  3. To give back

Practice, practice, practice!

you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.

- Stephen King

I always enjoyed writing. I would like to write more. Enough said.

Wait, how did I do that again?

My reliance on finding the right stackoverflow post again is becoming too much of a chore. I hope to better document the things I do and…

Pay It Forward

There is a ton being invested on upskilling these days and there are a lot of job markets that are disappearing due to technology.

With all the technologies I have had the opportunity to work on in my career, my favorite thing to do was to aid in the development of junior engineers. I was lucky to have some really talented and special people help me (and still do). I hope I can publish some things that will help otheres succeed as well.

There are no comments added yet, but feel free to reach out on the socials. This internet thing seems like it might be around for a while, so I hope you enjoy my blog.

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